EMA Pharmaceuticals provides a large range of seals, each of which conform to the pharmaceutical container standards. The different cap designs are available with a large choice of colors of aluminum and polypropylene parts.

HDB has the global benchmark for both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics. Dosing and vaginal applicators, intramammary and oral paste syringes, eye drops and costumized healthcare devices are HDB’s most remarkable products.

Plastic progress manufactures HDPE snop-on bottles,LDPE drops bottles, HDPE containers for capsules and tablets, HDPE containers for moisture-sensıtıve capsules and tablets

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Constant development work over many years has enabled KWK to offer a wide range of standard packaging items to our customers in the pharmaceutical industries. This includes many different closures, especially according to international standards as GL or PP, but also other items i.e. dosage spoons or dosage cups.